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What He Says VS What He Means: Decoding a Mans Language

We all know that men don’t operate quite the way that we do. They say and do things that leave us confused and downright infuriated and then say that we are the ones who are hard to figure out! Well, I have been looking into this whole secret man language thing and can help you figure out what he really means when he says and does certain things.

Men tend to express themselves a lot better with their actions more so than with words and if you can keep that in mind, you are already saving yourself a lot of aggravation. He may not be whispering sweet nothings in your ear, but can still be showing his love for you by doing things like fixing your car for you or pulling the blanket over you when you fall asleep uncovered.

Another thing that men tend to do is revert back to courting a woman using the same tactics that pre-pubescent boys use when they like a girl; they tease you and pick on you! Is it juvenile; yes, but it’s also endearing—especially when you consider that they ignore the women they’re not into! So when you catch him playfully teasing you and poking fun at the things that you do; just remember that this is his strange way of pointing out the little things that he secretly loves about you.

There are some messages that are easier than others to de-code, like asking you to meet his friends and family—that’s big time. When he does that, you can be sure he loves you even if he has not yet actually said it out loud. It’s the same as when he skips on a night with the guys or something as big as the Superbowl to hang with you instead; you know he is smitten if he does that!

Some other man-code that you need to be aware of are the statements that you’re never quite sure if they’re good or bad. These are the things said by the men who you should be staying away from but are making excuses for because you really want to believe he’s a good guy. Check out some of these things he’ll say and what they really mean:

He says: I would love to get married, but this just isn’t the right time in my life financially speaking.

He means: It will never be the right time. I don’t want to marry you but am too much of a coward to admit it.

He says: Things aren’t working out with her. I really wish she was more like you.

He means: I want to have my cake and eat it and am hoping that by saying that; I will feel a little less guilty.

He says: We’re not together anymore. We’re still living together because of financial reasons.

He means: The same as above! He has no intention of leaving her but would really like to have you on the side.

He says: I meant to call you but some stuff came up/I got busy/I lost track of time.

He means: I wasn’t busy. I just didn’t feel like calling you.

Enlightening isn’t it? Check out my book Single Moms Dating Guide to Catching the Man of Her Dreams in 30 Days, for more help with men, dating and sex.


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