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Dating and Breaking Up With Married Men

It’s easy to say that you would never date a married man and women—married especially—tend to have some very strong opinions and choice words about women who do get involved with married men, but until you’ve walked in their shoes, you can’t judge or even come close to understanding why she would let it happen.

When it comes to a woman falling for a married man, most of the time there is a lot more to it than just deciding that she is going to set out to be a home-wrecker that day! You meet a man who seems to have all of the qualities that you’re looking for and says all of the right things and after months of dating and having strong feelings for him, you find out that he’s married. Then there are the ones who you really do connect with from the start and he’s upfront about the fact that he’s in a marriage that isn’t working out. Again, it’s real easy to say that he’s stringing her along, but unless you have been in her shoes and felt exactly what she has; there is no way to say how you would handle it. Whether the man is just a pro at saying all the right things, or someone who really is in an unhappy marriage and just found someone with whom he shares a real connection; the woman can find herself in a very hard place and the last thing she needs is to be judged by anyone.

If you find yourself in love with a married man; you need to be prepared for the fact that he may not leave his wife and be prepared to endure quite a bit of pain and heartache and be willing to end it sooner rather than later. Finding the strength to leave a man that you love is harder than anyone can even imagine, but you need to love you first and foremost and as a single mother; this is especially important because you have your child(ren) to consider.

If you really do believe that he is in a failing marriage and has every intention of ending it, you need to know when to walk away and accept that he may not leave. Far too many women find themselves strung along for years and years thanks to empty promises. Don’t be one of those women. If he says that he is leaving a bad marriage; don’t spend anymore time with him and become even more attached until you know for certain that he has left. If you’ve already been with him for awhile; it’s not fair to tell you to leave him on the spot when you’re in love, but you should set a deadline as to when you will walk away. Give him an ultimatum and make it clear that if he doesn’t leave her by that date that you have no choice but to walk away; for the sake of everyone involved.

Whether dating a married man is morally wrong or not; walking away from a man that you love is never easy and his being married likely won’t change that. You need to be strong and realize when it’s time to go just as you would with any man who it wasn’t working out with.

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