Single Moms Dating Advice

Women’s #1 Dating Mistake: Why You Should NEVER Pursue A Man

Hey, I know what it’s like to be one of the world’s single moms who need sex and I feel for you, but please oh please don’t make the mistake of making a man think that by pursuing him! Pursuing the man is by far the biggest mistake women make in dating. I can’t tell you enough that men need the challenge and the chase and don’t want anything that is too easy to get. ‘Easy’ is never good when it comes to the women that he wants to be serious with, because if they think that you give it up too easily to them and chase them, that you’ll likely chase any man. I’ve said time and time again in my book, Single Mom’s Dating Guide to Catching the Man of Your Dreams in 30 Days, and will continue to say it: when you give yourself easily to a man without him earning each part of you sexually and emotionally, your stock value goes down.

You may think that being a strong and confident woman means being able to see what you want and go after it, even when it comes to men, but the right way to do it is by taking charge and doing all the right things to make him want you. Pursue your goals of bettering yourself mentally, physically and spiritually so that you are a better person a better mother and a better partner. That’s how you take control of your love life and pursue getting the man of your dreams—not by pursing him.

You may think that a man will be flattered by your attention and by you making the first move, but any man will tell you that there is a fine line between pursing and stalking as far as they’re concerned! The one’s who would be flattered by your pursuit are exactly the one’s that you should steer clear of because they are the one’s who are happy to have ‘easy prey’ and don’t see you as anything more than one of those single moms hungry for love who will do anything to get a man, because these are the kind of women who they as easy to get and even easier to leave.

You can’t take this whole women-should-never-pursue-men thing as a step backwards in terms of our rights as women, but rather realize that this stems from the beginning of time when men had to go out and hunt for everything. This is the way we are made: men need the hunt to feel worthy of the prize. It really is that simple, so why fight it? We women work hard enough chasing after our children and pursing our goals of creating the best possible life we can for ourselves and our children, so why not just relax a little and enjoy being pursued and shown how much we are wanted and loved by a man? We deserve it! By chasing after a man we may as well be telling them that we don’t think we are worth the effort, and trust me—he’ll believe it if you let him.

When it comes to finding love, you need a man who will always show you how much he wants, needs and appreciates you. Let him show you now and always. There is no shame in letting him take charge and do the pursuing. Your grandmother had it right when she told you never to give it up to soon.


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